I collect harrowing personal stories from crowdsourced online workers. The source texts are later dramatized by virtual workers who narrate those stories and compose accompanying music. Workers generate forensic face composites which are later modeled and animated. Through the act of collection and collaborative translation, I am developing an audiovisual installation that conveys the vast agency gap in virtual labor marketplaces.

Documentary is traditionally predicated on access to one’s subject and the verification of truth. This project takes the opposite as its premise. My subject is the intangibility of truth and access itself. This project expresses the layers of obfuscation inherent to crowdsourced labor. It attempts to reveal the precariousness of building community upon virtual systems that make us, at best, hyper-accessible avatars and, at worst, anonymous and inaccessible outside the confines of virtual transaction.

Worker ID A3J5UWZM4ZZ1, 2018
Worker ID A1QQIZ2A5TZ5, 2018
Worker ID A2W8ZODKKQ7R, 2018
Worker ID 279173859, 2018